Pakalomattam Family in North America
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Pakalomattam Family in North America

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The Pakalomattam family originated from Brahmins, who were brought into the Christian faith by Saint Thomas the Apostle in AD 52. The Pakalomattam family traditionally held the historical offices of Arkkadiyakon of all India, who headed the Marthoma Nasranis in Kerala and later Malankara Metropolitan (from AD 1653 until AD 1816) which headed the Puthenkoor faction of Marthoma Nasranis. The Pakalomattam Tharavad was initially at Palayoor, but later in 4th Century they moved to Kuravilangad. Many branches of Pakalomattam later moved to different parts of Kerala, starting from 17th century, due to the division created between Puthenkoor and Pazhayakoor.

Traditionally it had been the privilege of the eldest priest belonging to Pakalomattam to be the Archdeacon of the Saint Thomas Christians. The position of Archdeacon is the highest clerical rank in the Church of the East after a bishop. He is the head of all the clerics belonging to a diocese and he is incharge of the cathedral church and represents the will of the bishop in his absence. Since India was an exterior province of the Church of the East and since the Patriarch reserved for himself the right to send Metropolitans to India, the effective ecclesiastical authority vested on the native Archdeacon. Archdeaconate was not just an ecclesiastical institution, but a socio-political and ethno-religious, princely authority, that represented the integrity of the Christian community of Hendo (India).


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